Charlie Sheen: Social Media Warlock

Maybe you’re one of the 1,363,691 people currently following Charlie Sheen on Twitter.  If not, follow him now.  If you already are, this information will certainly be worth your while.  So keep reading.
Why is Charlie Sheen #winning at Twitter?
1. Charlie uses original material.  His most recent tweet informs followers that the title of my book has finally been delivered thru vast and extensive Lunar channels. “Apocalypse Me” Warlock Latin for WINNING. C.  It doesn’t get more original than that. Retweeting or posting links to existing content is good in moderation. Like gin. Or that drug called Charlie Sheen.
2.  Charlie recognizes the importance of using photos in posts.  Let’s face it: we long for the days of picture books.  Words are hard.  Pictures are easy–and colorful to boot.  So, while Charlie might find it a challenge to describe this CharlieDog in just 140 characters, he manages to convey its full greatness with a photo:
3.  Charlie creates a community among his followers.  The #teamsheen hashtag brings people together.  Cultivating a fan community usually takes mere mortals longer than a day. But Charlie Sheen isn’t a mortal being.
4.  Charlie appreciates his fans. Shortly after he joined Twitter, he sent a shout-out to his new followers: In all sincerity… Thank you Twitter community for the warm reception & the followers that helped get me to 1M in 24 hours!!! #teamsheen. When your fans comment on posts or updates, be sure to respond.
While I wrote this blog, another two hundred thousand people decided to follow Charlie.  That brings his current total to 1,567,592 followers.  Charlie uses Twitter to capitalize on the buzz he created around the product/service he offers.  Of course, his product/service is Charlie Sheen.  If whatever you have to offer isn’t as ripe with the scent of awesome, you can contact us.
Looks like we could all learn a lesson or two from Charlie Sheen.
Because he’s a warlock, mostly. #tigerblood #WINNING