Everything I Need to Know About Marketing I Learned on my Drive to Work

Life is unpredictable.
If you live anywhere near Northeastern Wisconsin, you know this.  The weather here is absolutely wild.  I mean, take a look out the window.
What was your commute to work like this morning? Little something like this, maybe?

I can tell you, I had a rough time.  Drove down the slushy streets in my ’78 Pinto, wondering why those people with 4-wheel-drive trucks think they can dominate the road.  There’s no need to go faster than 5 MPH on a morning like this.
Really, what can you do about crappy winter weather?  Just be prepared.  Toss a bag of sand in the trunk and keep a shovel in your backseat.
Running a business is the same way.  You’ve got to prepare yourself for what’s on the horizon.  Yet, when the economy takes a dip, the first thing to get cut is often the marketing budget.  When you know there’s a forecast for nasty weather, you wouldn’t throw away your shovel and forget to salt your sidewalk.  When you anticipate sales being down or realize you’re losing customers to the competition, why would you cut funding from the folks who are going to help you get back on track?  Sometimes it’s hard to spend money when your coffers are bare,  but if you decide to make cuts to your marketing budget, how will your target audience find you? You’ve essentially cut off your business’ life support and any prospects for potential growth. Significant profits can be made during a recession, but marketing is certainly involved.
Having a marketing partner is like having a AAA membership.  We’re the equivalent of roadside assistance.  But, you know, in an office. Feel free to give us a call.