Flashback Friday – Avoid the Noid!

What happens when you mix a human, a bunny, an evil-villainous plan, and Domino’s pizza? (You can cheat and look at the bottom of the post for a commercial!)
You create Noid and the campaign “Avoid the Noid” by Domino’s Pizza.
Group 243, a marketing firm that Dominos consulted with, created Noid in 1986. The ad campaign, starring Noid, ran until the 90s where it was replaced with a new campaign. Noid has made comebacks in the mid-2000s and even as recently as May 4th, 2011. “What was the purpose of Noid?” you might ask. I’m glad you did.

Avoid the Noid
This is the ultimate super villian, when it comes to pizza, to ever exist!

Noid was a villain in a red suit with distinctive bunny ears. Every time we saw him, he was constantly trying to ruin Domino’s pizza one way or another. Whether it was on a pogo-stick to try and flatten the pizza, or attempting to freeze the pizza, or even trying to de-fame Domino’s Pizza guarantees. The cartoon character was as evil as you can get while being family friendly with some “Tom and Jerry-like” humor.
The “Avoid the Noid” ad campaign was so successful that a computer game was created to accompany the campaign in 1989. This featured the player attempting to deliver a pizza with multiple Noids trying to stop you from doing it within a 30 minute time limit, which was Dominos guaranteed delivery time. Later in 1991, a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game called Yo! Noid was created. This game featured Noid fighting his arch enemy throughout New York City trying to earn the ultimate pizza as a reward.

Avoid the Noid Computer Game
The famous Avoid the Noid computer game from 1989. Pretty sweet graphics, right?!

While the “Avoid the Noid” campaign eventually faded away, the Noid himself did not. With appearances in 30 Rock, Family Guy, The Simpsons, and other entertainment shows, the Noid stayed busy during his downtime with Domino’s Pizza. Because of this success, the Noid was brought back on two occasions in the past few years. In December of 2009, Dominos created t-shirts based on the “Avoid the Noid” ad campaign with the proceeds going to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. The Noid made another appearance during May of 2011 helping to promote their Facebook page and as a stuffed toy during a pizza deal.
So, the next time you order Domino’s Pizza, remember there’s the Noid in his red bunny ears, trying to ruin your hot and fresh pizza.
Avoid the Noid at all costs!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVeNr9aE8cU]