Mayor for a Day

Growing up I always wondered what it would be like to be mayor for a day. Ideas would begin to swirl in my head, and the possibilities for abusing my power seemed endless.
I could change street names to honor the cartoon characters that brought so much entertainment to me over the years. Or maybe I could end school early and have all my friends join me in a conquest to overthrow parents everywhere and correct the injustices they forced on us; so many opportunities, so little time.
Like many other people these days, social networking is slowly working its way into every aspect of my life. When I heard friends of mine talking about foursquare, my childhood nostalgia brought back memories of wanting to become a mayor.
More than a decade has passed since these thoughts have filled my head. I am pursuing bigger and better things – but to this day I still wonder what it would like to be mayor. The power, the exploration, the possibilities; there was still so much I wanted to learn and foursquare became my teacher.
Foursquare is a location-based social networking website that allows users to “check-in” to various establishments. “Checking-in” allows users to gain points and sometimes badges; the more points you get, the more connected you are to your environment. You can meet up with friends, leave tips for others who frequent your location, or just become more familiar with where you live.

The beauty of Foursquare is the ability for merchants and venue owners to utilize the website, as well. There is a free set of tools to help attract new customers and keep your loyal ones coming back. Having a place for users to check-in  allows for full access to real-time data about your customers, including:
–          Total daily check-ins over time
–          Your most recent visitors
–          Your most frequent visitors
–          Gender breakdown of your customers
–          What time of day people check-in
With over ten million people in the foursquare community, it’s a great way to grow your business.
The use of specials is another free tool and an effective way to find new customers and engage your best ones. These specials are only available to users who check-in to your venue and are a great way to improve foot traffic if the day is slow or engage customers to build relationships.
I am writing this as the mayor (a foursquare badge that rewards consecutive check-ins) at three locations. While I have not been able to rename anything, I do get my name on the venues page and the gratification of living out my childhood dream of becoming a mayor for a day. And the best thing about mayor on foursquare is it isn’t just for a day!
Foursquare is full of possibilities for a brand or business and Baer Performance Marketing would love to incorporate this free, effective and exciting tool to your business. Contact us to learn more!