StumbleUpon for Business: A Useful Way to Drive Blog Traffic?

I recently joined StumbleUpon, and the experience has me wondering: Is it possible to use StumbleUpon to promote our blog and increase traffic–successfully?
For those of you that have never used StumbleUpon, here’s a crash course. [Experienced Stumblers can feel free to scroll down.] StumbleUpon is a “discovery engine.” It’s like a search engine, sort of. But knows what you’re looking for because you decide what you’re interested in finding. You just sign up for StumbleUpon, add your interests, and click the “Stumble!” button to go from page to page and find neat stuff.
Once you start Stumblin’, you can give sites you like a thumbs up, sites you don’t like a thumbs down, or share pages with friends on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn.
When I Stumble, I often find myself coming across things like recipes, new articles, and oddities like Doggelganger, which is “human to canine pairing software.”
Interesting? Yes. But here’s the real question: Can you use tools like StumbleUpon effectively for business?
I just did a quick Google search, and the results are inconclusive. StumbleUpon has the potential to light your blog or website on fire–if you’ve got the right content, graphics, and followers.  You’ve also got to be willing to put in the legwork required to create quality material and get it in front of the right people.  However, for certain businesses, StumbleUpon is, frankly, useless. If you provide a local or business to business service, you’re out of luck.
Well, I think it’s safe to say that if you can create phenomenal content for niche viewers and you’ve got a bit of time on your hands, StumbleUpon might be a decent way to bring viewers to your blog or website.
Anyone out there have decent luck using StumbleUpon to drive traffic for a business or personal blog or website?