The Internship Experience: Theresa Danley

Here’s a blog post from Theresa Danley, one of the talented and capable interns at Baer Performance Marketing.  Theresa currently studies Communications and Public Relations at the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay.  She will graduate this spring.

Here’s Theresa and her fiancé. Hint: She’s the one on the left.

Being an intern at Baer Performance Marketing has been quite an adventure so far. In the past I have been an intern for businesses where I only did work for that particular business. Here at BPM, I work with several companies and have responsibilities that include making Facebook posts, doing research, designing posters/brochures and much more; it would take too long to list everything that I have done.
One thing that I have taken away from the internship is the importance of the relationship between each of the members of the team. At BPM, we help each other out with things that are being working on and are not afraid to give a second opinion. We are all constantly looking at each others’ work to make sure it is the best it can be. Lara, one of my illustrious co-interns, sends us her drafts of blog posts before they are published, just to make sure they sound right. Megan, Lara and I recently just finished working on a radio ad for SunSeekers by Rosie. Together, we three interns brainstormed ideas about what should be in the ad and what words to use. We worked together and came up with an ad that sounds like it belongs on the radio. What’s great about working with the BPM team is that we all bring our own strengths to the table and with those strengths we come up with creative and unique ways to help our clients. For example, Megan and I are working on creating a scavenger hunt for a few clients- stay tuned for more on this!
BPM is never the same every day. There is always something new going on when I walk in the door. It is a place that I am excited to go to three days a week.