Flashback Friday — "Let your fingers do the walking."

So, why should your business have a slogan?
A meaningful, memorable slogan will:

  • Develop a lasting memory of your brand in the minds of prospective clients
  • Communicate your business’ unique selling point
  • Provide your brand with a sense of reliability
  • Strengthen your existing clients’ relationship with your brand

A great example of an effective slogan is Yellow Pages’ old slogan from their 1970s ad campaign “Let your fingers do the walking.” Their slogan was developed to send a message about how easy it was to use their print directory compared to walking or driving around town, looking for a certain product, dentist, accountant, etc. The slogan proved to be very successful for the corporation.

And while the classic slogan is “technically” still valid today…(people would still prefer to relax at home and search through the Yellow Pages phone book or website for what they need instead of wasting time and energy wandering about town), unfortunately, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other internet search engines are also letting our fingers do the walking.
Yellow Pages has an excellent history, with what many consider to be one of the best advertising campaigns ever developed by a business, but that “excellent” history won’t be going very far in pulling in today’s twenty-somethings. Unfortunately for Yellow Pages, many businesses are taking this into account and taking the portion of the marketing budget that had historically been allocated toward Yellow Pages and redirecting it toward website SEO.
So, what do you think the future is for Yellow Pages? How can they evolve to keep up with the digital age?
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