The Danger of Bad Design

“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.”- Brian Reed
Look around at your coffee mug, your pen, this blog. All were designed, but were they designed well? Does it even matter if it was designed well?
Yes, it does.
Let’s say you are going to renovate your home. One of the first things you are probably going to do is either think of a commercial you’ve seen and liked or you will conduct a Google/Facebook search to find the nearest contractor. Either way, it will most likely end with you looking at the design aesthetic (consciously or subconsciously) as a major factor in choosing a business.
A poorly executed commercial or outdated website has the potential of causing more damage than having no commercial or website at all! Think, for analogy’s sake, of traveling to a bakery to taste test a potential wedding cake. Upon arriving in the parking lot you do your best to steer around broken glass, and as you get out of your car, you are hit with the stench of rotten food from the bakery’s dumpster. When you finally get inside the bakery you notice the bakers are neglecting to wear hairnets and gloves, flies are buzzing everywhere and dirty dishes are piled up in plain sight. How likely do think it is that you’d be picking this bakery’s wedding cake for your special day? In the same way, a website or advertisement will tell prospective clients a lot about your business.  Lousy graphics, confusing messaging, broken links, and spelling or grammar issues can push people away.
Good design will show pride in your work and business. It will grab the attention of prospective clients and draw their eyes to your specialties or a unique promotion and lead them to recognize the strengths of your business. In the end, it will boost your credibility and your bottom line.
So, for those businesses who skimp on design, stop!
Because good design = good business.
Consider the impact of bad design while watching these horrid commercials: