The Internship Experience: Becky Bauer

Hands-on experience, real world experience — the world of internships is all about experience. But getting a good experience versus a bad, “Why am I even at this internship?” experience can be challenging. Thankfully, Baer Performance Marketing gave me a great experience that will help me enter this “real world” everyone talks about.
I was always looking for an internship that could teach me a different perspective on the wide world of marketing, public relations, advertising and design and how they fit together. When I saw Baer’s post for an intern, I was interested in both the variety of tasks I could be doing and having the opportunity to have professionals critique and guide my work .
So, I applied and succeeded in getting the job. Since here, I’ve done it all — from market research, designing logos, posters, Facebook pages, creating cross-promotional campaign ideas, radio ad writing, blogging, etc. This variety of tasks helped me understand marketing from all angles.
Another advantage I’ve had from working here is that they really take the unique skills you as an intern can bring to the table and help you utilize them in real world settings, all while helping you with other skills that you may need to build upon.
I couldn’t have added to my resume that I’ve created Facebook cover photos or pages for the Green Bay Bullfrogs, CrossFit, Breast Cancer Family Foundation, and logo ideas for EPI-HAB if it wasn’t for Baer Performance Marketing giving me the opportunity to do so.
If you are thinking about an internship, my advice is to apply at Baer, but if they are at full capacity, my advice is to find somewhere that is an established business  with set goals and tasks for you to help with. Also, be prepared to do hard work while gaining valuable experience.