Prospects, Rumors, and Designs…Oh My!

As the world fawns over the endless apps and technological advancements displayed by the Apple company’s iPhone line, a rumor is circulating that the geniuses behind Apple are in the works of creating something better than ever. Apple, who is notorious for releasing tidbits of information to the press and media, may be in the process of developing the iPhone 5 which may come out as early as September of this year.
It’s rumored that the iPhone 5 will be as tall as 4-inches, thinner, and have an 1136 x 960 display ratio in order to make videos be viewed more clearly. Even with having one of the best cameras for a smartphone, Apple will continue to work and try to improve the aperture from f/2.4 to f/2.2 while still utilizing the 8MP camera. But for us folks who may be technologically challenged and want an iPhone just for the cool apps, you won’t be disappointed. It’s rumored that Apple is keen on launching an improved and quite frankly mind-blowing Maps app that could potentially display images in 3D along with voice turn-by-turn navigation. Along with all the developments, Apple is continuously trying to improve the battery life of the phone…so after 30 minutes of Facebook, your phone will still be alive.
So the question begs, what can’t Apple do? Oh yeah, they can’t keep their employees’ mouths shut when it comes to new products. Dating back to 2000, Apple has had quite an experience when it comes to leaks in the media. In 2000, an employee posted information along with some images of their new and improved PowerMacs and iBooks as well as the Apple Pro Mouse. The employee was slapped with lawsuits and learned to keep quiet after settling out of court.
Within the same year, photos were leaked on other websites of a “cubed-shaped Mac” in which Apple told them to take the pictures down shortly before releasing a “cubed-shaped Mac.” Ironically however, no complaints or lawsuits were distributed by Apple for this case. So was this another technique to promote their products before they were launched? More than likely, yes.
Whether or not Apple secretly appreciates having their products displayed before they are released into the world is unknown. However, the products do create a sense of anticipation, and more than likely benefit from the exposure since it gets consumers excited about the product.

A Brief History of Past Apple Leaks, and What Apple Did About Them