The Internship Experience: Steve Vanevenhoven

Here’s a blog post from Steven Vanevenhoven, a very hardworking summer intern at Baer Performance Marketing.
I started my college career in Marketing at UW Oshkosh a short three years ago.  Naturally, I was excited for so many new opportunities like gaining a professional experience in marketing via an internship.  Sometimes there is a negative stigma attached with internships but I was determined to find an exceptional one that fit my personality.
After searching, I was able to find Baer Performance Marketing, which is a small marketing agency, based in De Pere, WI.  After I completed the interview process, I was offered and accepted the marketing internship position.
In the duration of this internship, I was able to gain incredible first hand experience in the field of marketing.  I started conducting local and national website research, which is the cornerstone of any marketing campaign.  I soon started to take on exciting new marketing responsibilities, like drafting radio advertisements.  I was also able to experience writing blogs, press releases, and sending out mass text messages, which definitely helped refine by written communication skills.
Baer Performance Marketing did a phenomenal job customizing this internship experience.  I communicated that I was interested in sales and soon after, I attended sales meetings and learned presentation techniques.  This was my favorite part of the internship.
The fun and energetic atmosphere at Baer Performance marketing provides the perfect environment for a marketing internship.  I was able to learn so much largely due to the continual guidance and feedback I received.  There was never a time when my supervisor was too busy to answer any of my questions.
I will always remember this internship experience and will never forget the knowledge that I gained here.