Give Your Business That "Extra Edge" with a Tagline

Blog post by: Melissa Ignasiak
A tagline is one of the most important parts of branding and can be the best brand communication tool if done correctly. Although you do not need a tagline to create a successful brand, if you are trying to set yourself apart and give your brand that extra something, a tagline is the way to go.
A tagline is a short phrase or statement that is tied to and associated with the company’s brand name or one of its products. Good taglines can make your brand stick out from the competition by communicating with future consumers in a way that will remain in their minds.
In order to have a successful tagline, it must be unique. Taglines that are unsuccessful are often too generic. If a competitor’s name could be put in place of your own, it is not unique enough. Some of the most successful taglines are simple, just a few words is enough for a consumer to remember it. The best taglines also explain what the company does and are consistent with other branding and the company’s mission.
One of the most successful ad campaigns of all time is Nike with their “Just Do It” tagline. In 1988 Nike was struggling to get ahead of their competition but after introducing this line into their ad campaigns, it made them a front-runner in the sportswear market. “Just Do It” is a bold statement that drives consumers to action and inspires athletes to work harder.  And what CEO wouldn’t want something as powerful as that  directly associated with their brand?