What Goes Into an Effective Social Media Brand Personality?

Have you put any thought into your brand’s online personality? If you’re utilizing social media, it’s likely that your Fans and Followers have categorized your brand or made judgments about its presence.  Your online brand personality is made up of several different aspects including your bio, profile picture, and of course what you communicate on a regular basis. And all of these personality pieces will play a role in whether your target market chooses to follow you, block you, or interact within the community your brand has built. So, what goes into an effective social media brand personality?
Helpfulness, Support:  If you’ve built a community around whatever you’re passionate about, this should come easy to you. Make sure you’re staying informed and up-to-date with all of the latest info and news in your field, and share all of this wonderful information and tips with your Fans and Followers. In doing this, you’ll easily position yourself as an expert, and potential and current clients will be apt to come to with any questions they have about your field. This is how you build respect for your brand.
Authenticity: Your Fans and Followers are looking to build relationships with ‘real people’ not corporations. Keep the industry jargon out of your posts and identify and incorporate the language that best speaks to your target market. If you’re too formal within your communication, you’ll develop a gap within your brand and your Fans and Followers. Talk like a ‘real person’.
Affability: You want your Fans and Followers to see your brand as a friend. Brands often struggle with balancing social and business interaction online. Too many businesses focus completely on promoting sales, product information and services. Be sure to take time to have fun and joke around with your Fans and Followers.
Active Participation: Comment on other businesses’ or organizations’ posts with insights, opinions, or relevant information. Also, be sure to stay friendly and active within the conversations you’ve already started on your pages. After a certain amount of time, you will learn what interests and engages your target market. Be sure to integrate this knowledge into future communication.
In the end, each post you make should set up a conversation with your target audience, and within these conversations, be sure to listen and interject these important personality traits.  By creating “friendships” with your target audience, your brand will be building trust and loyalty.

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