The Benefits of Facebook Advertising


Facebook has been a buzzword for quite some time in the world of marketing. Originally used to connect friends and family members, the social networking site has become a very significant arm of many businesses’ marketing strategies. And because Facebook makes its money on ads, the site is always providing new opportunities to entice businesses and marketers.

Listed here are several reasons why your business may want to consider advertising through Facebook:

1.)    Consumers trust Facebook.

    Consumers you are targeting through ads on Facebook have chosen to interact with the website, and studies have shown that they also tend to trust the ads they see through this medium more than they do other forms of online advertising.

2.)    It’s a fast and effective way to find your target demographic.

One of the hardest parts of marketing is figuring out where your customers are located and how to effectively communicate with them.  Facebook has targeting capabilities that will do this for you! This can take hours away from market research.

3.)    Graphic capabilities

With Facebook ads, businesses can include a customized graphic into a basic text ad. This is important because studies have shown that prospective buyers’ interest has been shown to peak when images, photos or graphics correspond with an ad. Many marketers would also argue that Facebook’s style/layout of ads usually trumps AdWords’ sometimes irritating banner ads.

4.)    Word-of-mouth marketing

Anytime a prospective client clicks on your business’ Facebook ad, their interaction will be shared with his or her Facebook Friends. Their association with your brand is then spread similarly to word of mouth – so if you net one targeted consumer with an advertisement, you are also netting several more.

5.)    All advertising campaigns can be enhanced with FREE marketing.

Boasting 1.15 billion monthly active users, Facebook offers businesses a very inexpensive and effective way to develop brand awareness. Facebook does not charge you to build or use a Facebook Business Page. So, once you get your target audience to your Page, you’ll be able to communicate with them for free. This is great for answering customers’ questions, posting pictures of new products, and for keeping general top-of-mind awareness.

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