Three Predictions for 2014

With 2013 behind us, we’d like to take a look ahead at what’s to come in the world of marketing. Trends in digital marketing tend to advance very quickly. With new technology to incorporate and changes in consumer behavior, a business’ marketing plan should always be evolving.

So, what does 2014 hold for those in advertising and marketing? Here are three predictions we believe will come to fruition over the course of the upcoming year:

New Career Opportunities

New roles within marketing agencies will emerge as the importance of content marketing continues to increase. Individuals with backgrounds in publishing, journalism, and editing will be sought after to help in the development of blogs, whitepapers, and social media messaging within marketing strategies. Content marketing requires quality articles targeted toward a specific audience, and job seekers with a writing background know how to do this best!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is here to stay—well, for at least another year or two. According to a recent study conducted by ExactTarget, 77% of consumers prefer to receive marketing and advertising communications through email. Regular eblasts or newsletters are great way to reinforce customer relationships. Consumers like receiving exclusive deals or informative articles, and it’s an easy tactic to create top-of-mind brand awareness. Email marketing works because consumers are willingly offering up their email addresses and inviting a brand’s messaging into their home. With eblasts or newsletters, brands are considered to be a helpful resource rather than a pushy salesperson. 

Facebook Marketing

Every day it seems like there’s a new article announcing the death of Facebook. However, the social media network will be turning 10 this year and it has recently become a publicly traded business—so it can no longer be considered a startup. For the time being, Facebook has effectively adapted to all of the latest trends, and marketing communication through Facebook will continue to be an important tactic through 2014. However, the role Facebook plays within a marketing plan will undoubtedly change. Due to adjustments made to the site’s news feed algorithm, brands will be required to put more of a focus on paid advertising to ensure their messaging is seen by their target audience.

These are our predictions for 2014—what are yours?