4 Ways to Promote Your New Business Through Content Marketing


The development of an effective marketing strategy can be a real challenge for many startups. When introducing a business to a market, it’s imperative to maximize brand exposure while engaging a target audience, but this can be difficult to accomplish with a small budget.  There are, however, plenty of free and low-cost content marketing tactics that startups can and should make use of. In this article, we’ll share four of the most important tactics to consider.

Social Media

Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn provide a platform for businesses to publish content for free. By regularly providing attention-grabbing, timely, and valuable updates and information, a business can easily position itself as an industry expert.  Also, when content is shared, “liked”, or retweeted, pages will perform better in search engine rankings.

Business Blogging

Blogging is one of the most powerful ways to increase traffic to a website. Through this content marketing tactic, businesses create an extensive number of web pages that incorporate potential web search queries. Knowing this, the most effective business blogging makes use of keyword research. Don’t waste time publishing content that doesn’t align with interests of your target audience!  Also, blogs help create a repeat web audience for your brand’s messaging. Through useful, entertaining, and relevant articles, a business will eventually build a core following who will then generate referral traffic to the website, as well.

Media Releases

Consistent public relations efforts are an incredibly cost-effective way for startups to gain additional reach and awareness. To get the most exposure, media releases should be sent directly to television news stations, radio stations, relevant print publications, PR websites, and any local chambers a business is a part of. A single feature story, whether it’s through a college newspaper or local television news station, can substantially increase web traffic and sales.


Most of today’s pop stars understand that if you catch the eye of the audience, you’ve already won half the battle—and professionally-created/edited images, like infographics or photos, are the best way to grab the attention of online readers. Images generate more shares, “likes”, and clicks than any other content. So, once you determine the social media network most used by your target audience, professional images will help entice them to learn more!


If implemented correctly, marketing strategies don’t have to cost a fortune to be effective. If your company is in need of additional direction with the development of a marketing strategy and/or content, contact Baer Performance Marketing at 920-632-7648.