AdWords — Types of Campaigns

Here is the next installment of BPM’s Breaking Down AdWords Blog series. In this write-up we will discuss some of the different types of campaigns and ads that AdWords allows you to use when targeting customers. The types of ads available in AdWords are as follows: text ads, video ads, image ads, WAP mobile ads, app of digital content ads and more. Each one of these ads has their own benefit, whether it is ease and affordability of text ads or the storytelling capability of video ads. Here are some of the key features and benefits of each of these ad formats:
Text Ads
Text ads are the most popular type of AdWords ad format and are the most often seen format Google has. Most Google searches will yield some text ads. Text ads are an easy way to help push your business to the top of a related search, however it is not easy fitting everything about your business into a short ad. We recommend starting by considering what you want to accomplish with your ad, (increase new customers, increase awareness, etc.). From there, lay out your ad. Don’t forget to include unique offers, prices, keywords and a call to action. As you are designing, be sure to match your ad to the landing page in which you will be delivering your potential customers. This may seem a little overwhelming, but to have an effective text campaign, you need to follow close to these guidelines. Here is an example of a text ad which is well thought out, and another which leaves room for improvement:

Image / Video Ads
What if your business wants to really make an impression on customers? Google AdWords has the option of image and video ads which are shown on Google’s display network. This network is comprised of thousands of sites and apps, from local online newspapers to blogs as well as games and apps. These types of ads are appealing to customers who might not pay attention to text ads. Rather than a static image, you can really grab their attention with animated or Flash graphics of your product in use and drive them to your website where they can make a purchase. Check out these examples of image ads:

WAP Mobile Ads
Most of today’s mobile devices, such as smartphones, have full WAP capabilities which allow users browse mobile websites that are specifically designed for small mobile devices . Most people will search for products from their cell phone. With the use of call extensions, these people are able to call your company with the press of a button. As you can see below, these particular ads use call extensions to schedule dentist appointments.


As  we’ve mentioned in past articles, AdWords is a great advertising tool in today’s technology-driven marketplace.  Knowing the strategies behind Google AdWords will allow you to run a smooth campaign for your products and business.  If you are unsure about how your campaign is running or if you would like a free consultation on how BPM can help you grow your business using AdWords, please call us today!  We know people are searching for your business. Let us help them find you!