Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

Blog post by: Ellen Joppe, BPM Marketing Intern
A blog is a good way to position your brand, develop relationships, and present what your company is all about. However, you’re less likely to do this if there are a limited amount of readers!
Here are some ways to increase blog traffic:
Send your blog to relevant organizations.
Seek out forums or social media pages belonging to organizations that would benefit from your blog’s information (i.e., Chamber groups, local networking groups, hobby-oriented organizations, etc.). Creating a relationship with other organizations will lead to more shares and exposure to different readers.
Improve your content layout.
The structure of your posts should be easy on the eyes for your readers. Including bullet points, lists, or step-by-step instructions will attract readers. This will allow viewers to quickly sort through the content and determine whether or not they have interest in the information.
Notify existing contacts.
People are busy. If your clients/contacts find value in your blog posts, they will appreciate being notified of new content.
Expand your social network.
There are hundreds of different social media networks. Look for other opportunities to share your blog posts outside of Facebook and Twitter. Seek out to other networks such as Pinterest, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, etc.
Use the same post with a new headline.
By publishing and promoting a blog post multiple times and changing the headline, you’ll likely attract different readers.
Add your blog’s link.
Include your blog’s URL under your email signature. Think of how many emails you send a day and the number people will who will see the link. There’s a good chance they’ll be curious enough to click it at least once. This is a simple and easy way to grow the amount of readers without any real effort.
Use keywords.
Create a headline that would most likely be entered into a search engine. Incorporate these words frequently throughout the blog post. This will allow search engines such as Google to prioritize the blog.
While there are lots of ways to increase traffic to your blog, the tactics we listed here are simple and can be applied/initiated immediately. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact BPM at 920-632-7648.