Instagram Marketing is Quickly Catching Up to Facebook

Facebook is the most populated and used social media website with Twitter following right behind it, but how close is Instagram? Facebook has been around since 2004, whereas Instagram has only been around for four years. However, recent statistics have shown its level activity is on the rise. Here are some statistics comparing the social media phone app to Facebook:

  • Facebook garnered 2.5 million brand posts, a year-over-year growth of 22 percent.
  • Instagram had 493,000 of such posts, a 49 percent year-over-year jump.
  • Facebook accrued 6 billion actions (likes, comments or shares).
  • Instagram totaled 3.4 billion actions (likes, comments).
  • Facebook had 2,396 actions per post.
  • Instagram racked up 6,932 actions per post.

If that does not already surprise you, in Instagram’s second quarter, it received 56 percent as many total interactions as Facebook.  With that said, Instagram will continue to grow and has a positive future down the road, but how can businesses benefit from this growth? Instagram and Facebook provide two completely different ways to tell a story. Not all businesses can effectively market their brand through simple photos or reach their target market through Instagram. Either way, businesses should keep an eye on this growing and changing social media network to ensure they don’t miss out any future marketing opportunities.
Blog post by: Ellen Joppe, Marketing Intern