The Media Release Lives!


Despite what some bloggers are claiming, media releases are not dead.
However, public relations as a whole has certainly evolved in the past 10 years. Back in the day, media releases were often sent out through fax to a very limited group of influencers—and if these influencers didn’t write about you, your target market would never hear about your company’s or organization’s news.
Then the internet changed everything! Today media releases can be sent through a multitude of channels including LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, and eblasts.  Public relations efforts no longer have to be conducted entirely through the media to be effective.
However, contrary to this evolution, the most important aspect in determining whether a media release will be effective (i.e., “how” it is written) has not changed. A media release should never resemble a “Christmas newsletter.” They should be used to frame a compelling story about your brand while providing the reader with a call-to-action (e.g., Would you like them to register for an event?  Is there value in checking out your company’s website?  Should they request additional information? Etc.).
The key is knowing the audience you’re targeting. What imagery will they identify with? How can your organization help them accomplish a goal or fill a need? If the story you’re telling is compelling and answers these questions, it will be remembered, shared, and acted on!
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