Increase Search Rankings with a Google+ Profile

When you ask people what social media they advertise their business on in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the standard response is Facebook and Twitter.  Very rarely do you hear someone say Google+.  Google has been trying to get into that space since 2011, but it just hasn’t caught on. For that reason, businesses generally overlook the powers of Google+.

Ignoring Google+, however, could be a big mistake for many businesses.  Google is the search engine that 80% of internet searchers use. Google also has their hands in many other internet based products which all happen to tie into each other, go figure!   The fact that all of Google’s products tie together should be a hint that you might want to start a Google+ page for your business.

When setting up a Google+ account, you will be asked to come up with descriptions, hours, locations, photos, products, keywords and links to your website.  What most business people don’t realize is that all this info that you tell Google actually helps your search results.  You might not get all the “Followers” you are expecting on your G+ page, but you will see that your “Views” will be increasing.  This means that people are searching for things you offer and using the info your G+ profile houses to find your website.  Now that you know your business needs a G+ page, you might be asking yourself, “Where do I start?”  Check back next week to find out how to set up a Google+ business page.

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