How to Set Up a Google+ Business Page

As we mentioned in our last article, most people think Google+ is the social media network they can forget about. However, Google+ is a great network with many benefits. G+ is the one thing that ties all of Google’s services together, from Gmail, YouTube and even Maps.  Tying your Google+ profile to all of your web presences can add credibility and even raise your SEO scores.

Account Setup:
If you don’t already have a Gmail or Google account please follow the following steps.
1.)    Type into your browser and click “Create An Account”.
2.)    Fill out your profile completely and save it.  You will now be able to move on to the next step which is setting up a business page.
3.)    When you are logged into your Google+ account, click on the left side drop box, and click on “Pages”.
4.)    Once you have opened the “Pages” tab, click on “Get your page”.
5.)    Choose what type of business you have.

Now is the time to start creating your page.

Once your page is created,  you will now be able to add important details to customize your public profile.

6.)    Click the blue “Edit” button to make changes.

  • Add a tagline.
    • Use a 10-word sentence to best describe your business.
  • Upload a profile photo.
    • This should be something easily recognizable such as your company logo.
  • Add more images which portray your business and represent your brand (ex., office pictures, logos, products, etc.).
  • Include an introduction.
    • Be sure to use this section to its fullest.  Include info about your business from your company website.  Be mindful that the first 50 characters of your introduction will appear in Google+ search results.  This will help people make the decision when choosing your business versus your competition.
  • Add contact info.
    • Enter the best ways for people to get a hold of your business and you.
  • Add some links.
    • If you have other media and web presences, tell people about them! Link your other social media pages and your website.


Once you have made all the necessary edits to launch your page,  click “Save”, and you are good to go.

Stay tuned to future Blogs about how to gain followers and post valuable info on your new Google+ page.