5 Signs Your Website is Failing

It happens to even the best businesses…

A gem of a website created in the past is no longer competing in the current market. It’s time for an overhaul!

New website development is rarely a decision businesses are excited about, as it entails a considerable amount of planning. However, it is undoubtedly necessary for your business’ online presence and brand presentation.

Think of it this way…would you ignore weeding and watering your garden, denying it the capacity to properly flourish and produce flowers? In today’s tech-driven world, your website is a very important component in determining whether your marketing plan is successful, and it cannot be neglected.

So, how do you determine when it’s time to redesign your website? Here are five signs to keep in mind:

1.)    Your traffic has decreased.
The majority of your website’s traffic is dependent on the search engines that display your web URL within search results, and search engines, like Google, are constantly changing the way they rank websites. If you notice your web traffic stagnating or consistently declining over a six-month period, your business’ website is no longer optimized, and it’s quite possibly time to invest in a redesign.

2.)    It’s slow.
It’s likely some web users are navigating to your site from computers running on basic internet access. If possible, try loading your site on multiple computers with different browsers, internet speeds, and processors.  If your website struggles to load on any of the computers, it should definitely be decluttered and optimized through a redesign.
3.)    It isn’t responsive.
Responsive websites are viewed equally well on both computers and wireless devices like tablets and smartphones. If your current website takes an excruciatingly long time to load, doesn’t format properly, or needs to be resized to be read on a mobile device, it isn’t responsive. And with two-thirds of Americans now owning a smartphone, an update to a responsively-designed website cannot be ignored.

4.)    It no longer aligns with your other marketing materials.
It’s important your brand remains consistent across your website, eblasts, social media graphics, business cards, and other marketing collateral. Your colors, look, and feel should always get the reaction of, “Oh, sure, I know this business!” A consistent brand image ultimately helps build trust.

5.)    It was designed more than five years ago.
Think of what your cell phone looked like five years ago. Can you imagine trying to use it today? It probably wouldn’t be able to perform the way you’d like it to—and neither can your 5+ year-old website! The world of web technology changes very quickly, and today’s web technology has improved drastically from that of five years ago. A redesign of your out-of-date website will lead to better user engagement and functionality.

If your current website falls into any of the categories above, it’s time to take action! Contact Baer Performance Marketing for an assessment of your site’s strengths and weaknesses today!