BPM Introduces New Video Series

“How do I change my Twitter handle?”

“Should I pay for Facebook ‘Likes’ to make my restaurant appear more credible?”

“How do I set up a Google AdWords account?”

At BPM, we are approached daily by clients, local non-profit organizations, and other businesses with questions about implementing online strategies. Business owners are always wondering how social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or pay-per-click networks like Google AdWords can provide value to their business. And after hearing many of the same questions, concerns, and confusions, we became motivated to launch a new video tutorial guide with your questions in mind. Video topics within this series will include everything from social media marketing how-tos to tips on engaging your target audience and making your business more visible in today’s ever-changing market.

Since the ultimate goal of this video series is to better serve YOU, the business owner, please feel free to contact BPM to submit a suggestion for upcoming videos. ​