New Camera Provides BPM’s Clients with Higher Image Quality

Jake Sleger, BPM’s  resident photographer, just made the jump to a full frame camera (Nikon D750) from his existing crop sensor camera (Nikon D7000).   This was a big move for Jake and one that will benefit his craft and our clients’ imagery needs.

The Nikon D750 was announced by Nikon on Sept. of 2014.  Nikon spent three years designing the camera–making it highly anticipated by photographers.  This new design includes many sought after features such as a higher 24.3 Mpx, an Expeed 4 processor and built-in Wi-Fi to name a few.  That processor is almost double of what Jake was shooting with prior.  This means he can capture more than 50% more detail in clients’ photos compared to before.  The Expeed 4  allows for 1080p 60 frames per second HD video recording, as well.   This camera’s ISO capabilities are heads above the rest in its field.   ISO is the camera’s sensitivity to light.  Back in the days of film photography, rolls of film would be labeled with its film speed (e.g., ISO 100).  This D750 has the ability to shoot in extremely low light conditions while maintaining a usable (not grainy) image.   These are just some of the features which allowed the D750 to become the #1-rated camera on the market today.  Jake is excited to bring the highest-quality images to our clients with this new acquisition.
See the comparison between Jake’s D7000 and his new D750: