4 Tips for Finding Your Voice

Fact: If you are marketing your business, you are already presenting (intentionally OR unintentionally) a brand voice. However, have you thought about whether your voice is effectively resonating with your target audience? Is it prompting engagement?

By brand voice, we’re not talking about the spokespeople, actors, radio talent, or jingles you use in ads. In marketing, a brand’s voice is your tone and the style of writing that is used in all aspects of your marketing and communication. A voice is a significant and purposeful component of any marketing strategy.

So, how do you craft the correct tone? Here are four tips on how to develop a compelling, well-defined brand voice:


1.) Identify the best qualities of your brand.

What characteristics do you want associated with your business? Do you want your customers to perceive you as sophisticated, alluring, ambitious, confident, credible, warm, savvy, discreet? A comprehensive list of brand attributes is the best way to start shaping your voice.


2.) Know your target audience.

Not all tones are appropriate for every customer base! For example, a manufacturing company would likely need to speak to its audience in a more formal, educational way, whereas a tanning salon chain could take more of a casual and emotive approach to its language. However, regardless of your industry, no audience enjoys reading or listening to industry jargon or a cheesy sales pitch. The better you know and understand your target audience’s language, the more approachable your brand will be.

3.) Create a distinction.

Market research is an important step within any marketing plan. Be sure to take time to look over the marketing of your business’ competitors! If your voice is just like everyone else’s, what does that say about your products and/or services?


4.) Keep it consistent.

Once you have defined your brand voice, it is important it is maintained throughout every marketing channel you’re utilizing. Whether you’re choosing images for a billboard campaign or talent for your radio ads, keep that voice in mind. Through this authenticity, you will keep your audience engaged and build brand loyalty.


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