Thankful to be Baer Performance Marketing

Baer Performance Marketing…I know, long name, right? (Exactly why we and a lot of others refer to us at BPM) This Thanksgiving, I wanted to expand on why I chose to include “performance” in our company name and how it relates to the Thanksgiving holiday.

When I worked in radio, I got the opportunity to work with a lot of marketing agencies from all over the country. It became very clear to me that a large amount of these businesses took their relationships with clients for granted and took the easy route doing what they’ve always done with billing as the sole focus. In my opinion, they were not thankful for their partnerships and did the bare minimum. This is exactly why I decided to put “performance” in the company name. It’s human nature to take what you’ve got for granted, and I’m no different. I think everyone is guilty of that to some extent.

With the encouragement of a handful of clients, I took the leap and started BPM with the driving force being to “perform” for our clients, stay out of the comfort zone as much as possible and always be proactive on providing leading-edge advice and ideas. We do this because my staff and I are always thankful for every partnership we have here at BPM and never want to be complacent.

In closing, whether you’re an existing client, friend or family member of someone at BPM, potential client, business associate, or simply someone who stumbled on this blog, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate your involvement in our lives here at BPM no matter how big or small and encourage each and every one of you to “perform” for the people who you are blessed to have in your life.

Enjoy overeating, taking a nap, laughing with friends and family, and watching the Packers beat the Bears! Go Pack Go!