Six Online Marketing Trends

Google AdWords/SEO Trends
Extensions – Extensions are a type of ad format which enhances your text ad campaigns. These extensions come in a wide variety of formats, including site link, callouts, reviews, locations and calls to name a few. The purpose of these extensions is to offer the searcher numerous ways to access exactly what they want at that given moment. This, in turn, provides you with a satisfied customer as well as a great ROI.
Retargeting – Convert window shoppers into buyers with retargeting. Generally two percent of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store. Retargeting allows you to recapture the other 98 percent! Retargeting works by keeping track of who has been to your site and displaying your ad to them while they visit other websites. This allows you to keep your brand in front of your potential customer while they continue to window-shop.
Responsive Web Design – Five years ago, mobile websites were all the rage. Nowadays, the new buzzword is ‘responsive.’ Responsive web design is the art of designing your website’s layout to be displayed on a wide variety of screen sizes and a multitude of devices. Your website will be able to be viewed on a mobile device without the annoying “pinch” to zoom and navigate. This new trend is growing rapidly with the increased use of smartphones. Most smartphone users access the internet solely on their devices. With this being the trend, wouldn’t you want your business to be easily accessed on any device? Responsive is the wave of the future.
Social Media Trends
Live Interactions – Not only is video becoming increasingly prominent across social media, but live-streaming is hot! This includes apps like Periscope and Snapchat, where users enjoy instantly streaming virtually anything. These social apps are going to help audiences all around world attend live events—virtually. With live-streaming, the user, regardless of location, can feel like they are a part of the experience. Marketers can expect existing apps to advance and improve as well as new apps with live-streaming capabilities to be developed!
Mobile and Social eCommerce – In an effort to make shopping easier for consumers, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest have implemented “Buy” buttons to their social media sites. Expect to see other apps integrate features similar to this to help brands drive sales. And as targeting technology evolves, consumers soon won’t have to go ‘out’ shopping anymore. The items they need and want will be put right in front of them!
Social Search Advances – Search features are advancing to get users the exact content they want to see (and what businesses need them to see to convert sales). Pinterest recently announced a ‘virtual search tool’  to help users find exactly what they want. So long are the days of seeing something you like within a picture and not knowing where to get it or what it’s called. This search feature sorts more results based on the section of the photo you zoom in to. Other platforms will also likely shift to similar, more advanced search options to maximize the user’s experience and time spent within the app.
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