How BPM Improved its SEO

The world of marketing is ever-evolving.  From year to year, techniques and strategies change like the direction of the wind.  What is even scarier?  Some techniques change by the day!  Baer Performance Marketing (BPM) continues to grow and learn the newest techniques that are available to our clients.  These not-so-new “digital” ways were once unchartered waters for BPM.  However, years ago, when businesses began to move away from traditional advertising mediums to digital/online avenues, BPM steered toward the waves and developed proven strategies early on.   
In this blog, we would like to go over some of the digital strategies BPM has in place that your business should be doing to at least keep up with the digital age. 
The very first thing BPM put into place was claiming and updating our business information on Google My Business.  This is a VERY crucial part of setting up an online presence, as roughly 80 percent of all people search for products and services through Google.  Even if you do not have a website, your business should be listed in this FREE directory.  Once your Google My Business Page is created, you can then move onto all of the other online directory sites to claim and update your business info.  Contact BPM for a list of all these directories. We would be glad to help you out! 
The next step Baer Performance Marketing took to grow our online presence was to develop a new website. A website’s lifespan is about 3-4 years. However, think of the changes your business has gone through in the past 3-4 years.  I would bet your company would be a lot like BPM with growth in both personnel and services offered.  This, along with new and improved SEO options, design techniques and technology changes, are what drive the need for updating your site on a regular basis.  
As BPM was busy updating our clients’ websites to the newest technology, we put our own site on the back burner.  It came to our attention that in order to continue to grow, we would need to get with the times and finally break out our tools to re-launch To do this, we employed the strategies and techniques we use on our clients’ sites, including back-end SEO, strong content writing, visual appeal, high functionality as well as responsive design.  Our new site has revitalized BPM’s online web presence and brought it up to today’s standards.
Once your website is finalized, you will then be faced with the question of: “How are we going to get people to this new site of ours?”   BPM asked this very question years ago, and there are many answers and strategies to do this, the first of which being a blog.  We know what you are thinking. That four-letter word can be quite scary!  It shouldn’t be.   Blogs are a great way for a business to improve organic SEO and search rankings. By writing a blog about services or products, you are positioning your business as the expert in your field.  Additionally, when someone searches for that product, your blog will also show up within the search results. 
Another thing BPM did to bring clients to our site was implement a Google AdWords campaign.  This is a pay per click advertising medium which displays your ad at the top of Google’s search results for certain keywords you come up with.  A Google AdWords campaign is very effective with the proper maintenance and knowledge, as your business only incurs a cost when the customer clicks your ad to visit your website. 
These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to building your online marketing strategies.  We didn’t even touch on the wide variety of social media platforms, industry-specific directories or remarketing to current customers.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to establishing your position online.  Baer Performance Marketing’s online presence continues to grow even stronger as we learn of the newest trends, and so should yours!