The Life of a Baer Performance Marketing Intern

Post written by: Alisa Simons
As a junior in college, my days spent at tailgates, libraries, and dorm rooms will soon be coming to a close. At this point, I can no longer put off seeing what the real world is like. It’s time to take my first step to adulthood, an internship. This summer, I had the chance to get my first sneak peek of life after college at my first internship with Baer Performance Marketing.
This internship was exactly what I was looking for. It was not one of those cliché internships you see in movies where your day is filled with coffee, errands, and other grunt work. It was projects like market research, blogging, social media strategy development, and copywriting that have allowed me to get my work out there and experience an authentic day-to-day life of someone working at a marketing agency.
Throughout my internship, I gained a lot of work experience, which I expected. However, what I didn’t expect was how much I was going to gain from this experience. The key to learning so much was the authenticity. It was what I liked most about this experience. Nothing was ever sugarcoated or dialed-down for me because I was “just an intern.” I was doing real work for real clients.
Initially, I was always hesitant to pursue a marketing career over a career related to my two other majors. I have never found myself to be a great writer, and the idea of being creative right on the spot scares me, which is what marketing primarily consists of. Honestly, the reason I initially added a marketing major was because it’s required to have a second major as an international business major. However, ever since day one of business school, my interest in marketing has grown more and more along with my confidence. Even if I do not end up pursuing marketing in the future, I have gained experiences and confidence that will help shape my path to success and my dream job.
I can’t thank BPM enough for this opportunity. This is exactly what I wanted to get out of this experience. They were so welcoming and helpful. They were people I could look up to when I had questions or needed guidance.  And lastly, they were role models and experts in their profession with a lot to teach me. I came here to bulk up my resume but will leave with more experience and knowledge than I ever imagined.
Peace Out BPM,