Blogging: Why Your Business is Losing Customers Without It

Consistent blogging is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to drive traffic to a website, build brand awareness and provide prospective clients with valuable information. It is critical to building a successful digital marketing strategy, regardless of a business’ size or industry.


Some Quick Stats

Data clearly indicates a direct correlation between blogging and improved SEO and digital marketing results. However, beyond these stats, there are many ways a business will benefit from a blog:

Blogs improve search ranking and increase website traffic. A blog is great vehicle for integrating fresh content into your website—which search engines love and reward! Consistent blogging signals to search engines that you’re actively managing your website, and it will rank you higher than competitors with a static web presence.
Additionally, search engines treat every published blog post like an added web page. And the more keyword-optimized “web pages” you have, the further you will expand your website’s reach.

Blogs generate qualified leads. General website content will draw a large audience to your site, but more specific blog content will bring an exact audience you are looking to service.
BPM client J&R Machine, for example, published a blog describing the company’s unique hard turning process. The blog helped drive qualified leads searching for the specific process and resulted in a very profitable partnership for J&R Machine.

Blogs build credibility. By producing well-crafted articles that answer common customer questions, you are building trust and positioning your business as an industry leader. This is especially important for new businesses looking to gain credibility to compete with larger, more established businesses.

Don’t have time to maintain a blog?
For many businesses, blogging quickly becomes a bothersome, time-consuming task that finds its way to the bottom of a to-do list. And for blogging to produce results, it takes commitment.As a business owner, your time is valuable!  Delegate the tasks in which you are inexperienced. With BPM’s inbound marketing team at the helm, your blog will be consistently updated with unique, brand-focused content that will benefit your business’ bottom line! Contact us today!