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SEOIn today’s tech-driven marketing world, it’s important to conduct regular performance check-ups on your business’ website.

Why are website check-ups critical?

Being listed at the top of organic search results will increase web traffic and enhance the results of your business’ comprehensive marketing strategy. However, those coveted slots are difficult to obtain.
Through Baer Performance Marketing’s free SEO analysis, you will be able to identify weaknesses in your website’s SEO and technical performance—weaknesses that are causing you to miss out on important web traffic! You’ll learn exactly what needs to be fixed to improve your organic search ranking, drive leads and increase revenue.

What will you receive as part of BPM’s free SEO analysis?

  • SEO REPORTMeta Tag Analysis

Check if meta title tags, meta description tags, meta robot tags, and meta keyword tags are in place and providing the right information about your website. Meta tags help designate the topic of your website to search engines as well as the text displayed when your page is listed in search results.

  • A Google Search Results Preview

See how your website is appearing in search results. If the title, URL or meta-description is too long, Google will cut it off. This analysis will help optimize your listing’s readability.

  • A Most Common Keywords Test

Get a list of the most common keywords on your website as well as the amount of times they are used. This will indicate which topics crawlers are associating with your page.

  • An H1 and H2 Tag Test

This test will check to see if your website uses H1 and H2 HTML header tags. The tags aren’t visible to visitors but help clarify your website’s purpose or theme to search engines.

  • A Sitemap Test

Determine whether your website has a sitemap in place. Sitemaps list all of a website’s pages to allow search engine crawlers to crawl a website more intelligently.

  • A Broken Links Test

Check whether your website has any broken or dead links. Broken links negatively impact a user’s experience and will damage your website’s search ranking.

  • An SEO-Friendly URL Test

Determine whether your website’s URLs are SEO friendly. URLs should contain relevant keywords as well as no spaces, underscores or other characters.

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