BPM Adds New Google Certifications to Google Partner Status

As many of you know, Baer Performance Marketing (BPM) has been a Google Partner Agency for the past two years.  However, we have recently taken our Partner Status to a new level with the addition of new Google certifications.

For those who don’t know, Partner Status means that BPM has taken and passed AdWords certification exams. We have also met other requirements, such as managing a large ad spend every 90 days, following Google Best Practices and continuously meeting Google’s standards to maintain our partner status.

So, what’s in it for your company?   There are many benefits to working with a Google Partner Agency.  First, by being certified by Google themselves, you should be put at ease knowing you have someone trained in optimizing online advertising campaigns.  The second is that as a Partner Agency, we have tools to better manage your advertising dollars.  With a personal Google team ready to answer questions and Google’s leading management software, you can be confident your budget will be working the most efficiently for you.

In the past month, Jake, BPM’s Online Advertising Specialist, has taken and passed two additional exams, giving the company a couple more certification badges. 

Google Analytics can be your friend when you use it correctly and as part of a strategy.  Being certified allows BPM to show you parts of your website you didn’t even think of.  Do you often wonder what pages people go to most or what pages people leave your site on?  With Analytics, you can adjust your website to capture those visitors longer and even reclaim some of the visitors who left your site without making a purchase.

Speaking of reclaiming lost customers, BPM is now certified in Mobile Advertising.  This means we have the knowledge to target lost customers on their mobile devices and get your message out to them while they are on the go.

Mobile advertising can be a very effective marketing tactic for your business.  The majority of consumers have smartphones with them at all times.  In fact, most of us here at BPM use our smartphones more than we use our computers, which is how the majority of the world is turning.  Designing a mobile campaign is quite different from a standard online campaign in that there is far less screen real estate to be had on mobile.  Ads and content should be optimized for ease of use and readability to the end consumer.  Another big difference is that you can target even more by location.  You can display an ad to someone once they get within your designated area or even send a Push Notification to them so they are alerted of your store or sale.  Mobile advertising is here to stay, and the time is now to start your campaign!

As we’ve mentioned in past articles, AdWords is a great advertising channel in today’s technology-driven marketplace.  Knowing the strategies behind Google’s products will allow you to run a smooth campaign for your products and business.

If you are unsure about how your campaign is running or if you would like a free consult on how BPM can help you grow your business using these Google products, please contact us today!  We know people are searching for your business, let us help them find you!