3 Social Media Trends That Grew in 2016

Social media networks continue to thrive in today’s world.  Whether used as a medium to get updates on friends and world events or for businesses to advertise to those users, social media has introduced some great changes in 2016.  To stay ahead of the curve, consider incorporating these new tools to your business’ online marketing strategy: 

1.       Live Video – Streaming video has become all the rage this year on the largest social media platforms.  Live streaming video allows followers/customers to view current, relevant info about your business as it happens.  Let’s say you have a special sale going on or an event at your location.  You can now stream the video out to all of those followers which makes them feel included.   The Facebook version allows viewers the option to ask questions and interact with the video in real time.  Twitter also has a live option with the acquisition of the app Periscope. Followers are able to search through current live videos as well as recently recorded content. 
2.       Social e-Commerce – Social media up until this point has been a way for businesses to showcase their brand and create a rapport with followers and customers.  In 2016, the additions of “buy” buttons have changed the game.   Pinterest was once a platform in which creative ideas could be viewed and shared through images and links to corresponding websites.  With the addition of the “buy” button, users can skip all of the extra links and be directed to where they can immediately purchase the product.  We are starting to see these “call to action” buttons on Facebook as well.  Some of these buttons include: call now, buy now, schedule appointment,  and view video to name a few. 
3.       Virtual Reality (VR) – The use of video on social media has been taken to new heights in 2016. VR is the hottest trend over the 2016 holiday season.  With tons of companies making and distributing VR headsets this Christmas, the market is ready for your VR video.  Strategies could include virtual tours of your location, videos of processes, or just cool videos of people using your products.  VR has the potential to be combined with other social media trends we spoke about which would allow you to walk around a store and actually purchase items off of shelves without leaving your home. 

In closing, take all of the changes in social media in the recent years, and try to predict where they will take us—from the first social media platform (which was essentially a “cork board” to post memories on) to today’s high-tech information centers.  It’s impossible to know what the future holds, and it sure is exciting!