New Digital Advertising Technology – IP Address Marketing Takes Targeting to a Whole New Level

What if a business could target individuals digitally, regardless of their searches and cookies on their computers?  Recently we (BPM) partnered with a company that will allow us to provide hyper-targeted marketing which will minimize waste, increasing the Return on Investment (ROI).  Here are some staggering statistics on IP-targeted campaigns:
*50 – 100 times more targeted than traditional media
*100% cookie free to better leverage offline data, use factual data–no behavioral data
*3.2 times higher Click Through Rate (CTR) than the industry average
*6 – 60 times more effective than common online ads
*Eliminates the threat of non-human traffic by only targeting households or businesses with a 95% confidence level or above to reach the intended target
The IP-targeting process combines more than thirty public data elements to hyper-accurately map an IP address to a home or business address.  With that said, there are three different but similar applications for businesses. These include:
IP Targeting:  Target a database or a 3rd party list

 Example:  ABC Gym wants to target women within 5 miles of their gym over the age of 50.  A list will be purchased, a targeted display ad will be created, and we can advertise to these households with women over 50 within 5 miles of the gym. 

Captive Audience:  Target a specified building, venue, hotel, college, or convention center.

Example:  ZA Pizza Co. is by Super Duper University and St. Molly’s College. Through the IP address targeting, ads are run throughout both campuses every night from 4p-7p with a college-specific offer and link to ZA Pizza Co.’s website to order online.

Digital New Movers:  Target people before, during, and after their move.

 Examples:  A mortgage company targeting homes who just listed their house, a handyman targets homeowners during the moving process for anything that may need to be fixed on the old house as well as on their new house, a paint store targets all new homeowners who want a fresh look.

Video ads can also be utilized through IP-targeted marketing, and both the display and video ads will be seen on any device that uses wireless internet.  In addition to this groundbreaking technology, it’s highly trackable, minimizes the waste of ad dollars, and any budget can be utilized with no contract obligations—simply pay as you go.
For more information on IP address digital advertising, please contact Baer Performance Marketing today!