5 Tips for Starting Your Internship off Right

Applying for an internship? Smart decision! College internships help students develop valuable professional contacts and are a powerful addition to any resume. It will show you have experience in a specific field and that you put in the extra effort to gain this experience by juggling the position with school.

With that in mind, there are general rules that apply to all internships. The following tips can help ensure your internship experience is a success:


Practice effective communication

A successful internship experience requires strong communication skills. While you may feel a degree of uncertainty with your ideas and the new industry lingo, it’s important you speak clearly and enthusiastically. This is especially important for interns at a marketing agency. When working with clients, marketing professionals must deliver suggestions and strategies in a clear, confident manner.


Take notes

Whether your manager is explaining a new project or providing feedback on your performance, taking notes will help you remember the details. Plus, it will show you are taking your work seriously!


Seek out help when you need it

This is super important. There is nothing worse than saying you know how to tackle project when you know it’s outside your realm of expertise. It’s a waste of everyone’s time. As an intern, it is your responsibility to ask questions and for assistance when you need it. Check your ego at the door.


Commit yourself

Show up on time your first day and every day following it. If you know your team is working on a project with a tight deadline, monitor your emails outside of the office to ensure you can answer any questions that come up in a timely fashion. If you notice a coworker is overwhelmed or planning to stay late, volunteer to help them. Sacrificing a little free time to show your commitment will pay off in the long term.


Approach the position with an open mind

At your internship, you’ll be introduced to a diverse group of coworkers with a wide range of talents, educational backgrounds, and knowledge. Use this to your advantage, and be sure to ask a lot of questions! As Bill Nye the Science Guy once said, Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”


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