Tips for Creating a Great Marketing Video

Blog Post By: Emily Bangen, Baer Performance Marketing Intern

Is your business looking to create a new, dynamic type of advertisement? Consider incorporating video into your marketing strategy! A well-made video takes time and planning, but if you follow the five steps below, you’ll surely be on the path to creating content that’s a hit!


Step 1: Identify the goal of the video.

Decide what you want this video to do for your company. Do you want it to increase sales? Create awareness? Provide information? Your goal needs to be measurable and attainable. For example, if you want it to increase brand awareness, your goal could be to have 1,000 views of the video in the first three weeks. This type of goal is measurable by your company; you can easily tell if you have met it or not. Having a measurable goal will help you decide in the end if your video and strategy were successful.


Step 2: Choose a target audience.

Who do you want viewing your video?  Is this a video targeting retail consumers or are you looking to target business leaders? All of this will also tie back to the goal you’ve identified for your video. What audience do you need to speak with to achieve your goal? Once you determine who your audience is, study them. What you learn about your audience’s needs, behavior, and preferences will help drive the content development of the video.


Step 3: Create the content.

Once you have decided who your target audience will be, you need to decide what message your video will be sending. When you are writing your content, think about the goal you created in step one and the target audience identified in step two. What content will this audience want to see that will help you get to your goal? You need to include information and shots in your video that will grab the viewers’ attention, and you want them to be interested in the information you have to share.

Also, it is important that you include a call-to-action in your video. Remind them to “Like us on Facebook” or “Share this video with a friend.” This can help with obtaining your company’s goals for the video.


Step 4: Create a high-quality video.

If your video is blurry or has poor sound quality, customers will not watch it. Filming the video on an old phone and not using editing software will create a low-quality video which will lead to a low customer response. If people are going to take time to watch your video, you want to make sure it makes a good impression on them.


Step 5: Distribute your video.

Make sure you are using effective channels of distribution for your target audience. If your target audience is people over the age of 50, Twitter would not be an effective channel. However, if you’re targeting teens and young adults, Twitter would be a very effective place to distribute your video. Research where your target audience spends the most time viewing videos and distribute them there. If the correct audience doesn’t ever see your video, it is ineffective and not beneficial for your company.


As you can see, each of these steps play an important role in creating an effective video for your company. You cannot pick and choose the steps you want to follow. They all tie into each other, and they are all important.