Facebook Marketing: A Guide for Businesses

With more than 50 million companies now using Facebook Pages, the social media network can safely be termed as a marketing channel.

If your business hasn’t already developed an online marketing strategy, it’s time to get on board! In today’s competitive market, a digital presence is paramount to the success of any company. Consumers are far less likely to just pop by a store or take out a phonebook to find a service provider. They’re conducting their research online. And if your brand isn’t staking a claim in the digital landscape, you’re bound to be left in the dust of your competitors.

Businesses using Facebook are building brand awareness, communicating with new audiences, and driving sales. Below is a collection of Facebook tips for businesses that will help you craft a more profitable presence on the social media network.

1.) Determine Your Goals

What business goals are you looking to accomplish with your social media page? Are you looking to increase brand awareness, further develop relationships with clients and prospective clients, position your business as an industry expert, and/or boost revenue? The clearer you are about your desired Facebook outcomes, the easier it is to develop tactics to measure and achieve them.

2.) Create a Dialogue

Two-way communication should be the focus of any business’ Facebook page. Answer messages promptly, react to comments, and engage with those who are interacting with your page. It’s important your audience knows their voice is being heard.

3.) Build Your Audience

Invite the Facebook users that like your post to like your page. This task was recently streamlined by Facebook. You’ll notice if you click to view a post’s likes, Facebook indicates who doesn’t already like your page and allows you to invite those contacts to follow you.
Also, if your page’s content is relevant to friends and family, be sure to share your page with them. Under the “Community” section of your page, Facebook makes it easy to invite your personal connections to like your page.

4.) Increase Engagement Through a Contest

People LOVE “free stuff”—so, it’s no surprise that giveaways can be a very easy way to increase a post’s engagement on Facebook.

Just remember to keep it simple with “like” or “comment”-type actions. When you ask your Fans to do too much or overcomplicate the contest, they’ll lose interest. (Know, too, there will be some trial and error in determining what type of prize will most excite Fans.)

Most importantly: Before you launch your contest, be sure to review Facebook’s contest rules and guidelines.

5.) Use Facebook Analytics

Review your Facebook efforts as often as you can. Analyze clicks, reach, likes, engagement as well as fans’ behavior/demographics and many other metrics. Facebook Analytics will help you to better understand your Fans, allowing you to develop more effective content and targeted offers.

6.) Personalize Your Ads

Personalized ads see far better results than general ads. An easy way to deliver highly-personalized messaging to an audience that has yet to visit your site is through Facebook’s “upcoming birthday” targeting.

Facebook’s website further explains the feature with this description:
“If you run an ad over a period of many days, it’ll be shown to people whose birthday is within one week of the day when they see the ad. For example, people with a January 1 birthday may see the ad for a week leading up to January 1. People with a January 2 birthday will see the ad for a week leading up to that day.”
Consider using this feature by offering a birthday gift/discount to a targeted audience with upcoming birthdays.


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