5 Content Distribution Tools


So, your business added a blog to its website…and invests a significant amount of time developing quality content—yet you’re not seeing the number of unique visits you’d like to in your site’s analytics.

What are you doing wrong?
Poor blog traffic is commonly the result of flawed distribution/promotional tactics.

Let’s fix that! Below are five insights on how to expand the reach of your blog’s content.

1.) Email Newsletters

Email marketing is an easy way to nurture your relationship with current and prospective clients. It’s also an incredibly effective way to distribute content.

If you’re already sending out promotional eblasts and have a list of subscribers, consider repackaging blogs for email use and directing subscribers back to the website for additional content.

It may also help to segment your list to ensure you’re only sending subscribers content that’s relevant to their needs and interests.


2.) Paid Social Media Advertising

Paying for ads that increase your blog’s reach on social media can have dramatic effects on engagement, and best of all, it’s relatively inexpensive!

Plus, social media sites make it easy to track your results—which means you’ll get better at targeting and making the most of your budget every time you do it.

*Also worth noting: Most social media experts agree there is a correlation between strong social signals (share counts, likes, retweets, pins, etc.) and high search engine ranking.


3.) Repackaged Content

Even if you did the research and put together a witty, relevant, well-written blog, there is no guarantee it will generate the traffic and leads it deserves. There will always be trial and error in determining how your customers prefer to consume content, but there are numerous easy ways to repackage content you’re proud of:

  • Repurpose articles focused on employee milestones into video Q&As.
  • Turn a service or process-focused article into an infographic.
  • Take a series of related blog posts, and deliver them as an eBook.


4.) Online Trade Publications

Reach out to the top online publications in your sector, and ask if they offer guest blogging opportunities. Guest blogging will help get your company’s name and website in front of readers specifically seeking out information on your industry.


5.) Native Advertising

For businesses looking to have their content presented in the form of an article instead of an advertisement, native advertising platforms like Outbrain and Taboola can be very effective distribution tools. Outbrain and Taboola post businesses’ content across a wide variety of publications, with content typically appearing at the bottom of online articles labeled as a “related article.”


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