Effective Inbound Marketing

Blog post by: Kevin Davis, Baer Performance Marketing Intern


Think everyone needs to get their hands on the latest product or idea you’ve created? Well, a great product needs a great marketing strategy!

Inbound marketing is a very beneficial marketing tool for any business to implement once a target market has been established. “Pulling” potential customers to the product or service with inbound marketing will increase brand awareness and sales.


What is inbound marketing?

Instead of the traditional marketing tactics a company uses to reach out to customers, inbound marketing focuses on the ways a customer reaches out to find a company.  These are often overlooked tactics within an overall marketing strategy.  Blogs, customer reviews, social media, and search engines are all examples of how a customer can research and draw conclusions about your products or services.

Consider, for example, someone who is in the market for a new pair of shoes.  Before going to any store, they head online to research different brand and store websites, gaining more knowledge on the products every company has to offer. That’s when your company wants to seize that opportunity by being active on the websites to which your target customer is navigating.


How can a company find success through inbound marketing?

Today, the most effective ways to generate inbound marketing revolve around the internet.  Search engines are what most customers rely on to find the answers they need on a product or service, most commonly Google. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) is so important.

So, how do you achieve great SEO? Incorporating the right density of keywords into a well-designed company website is a great start.  Another effective way to increase inbound marketing leads is by creating a presence on social media. Sixty-seven percent of adults say they are on social media for the sole purpose of sharing information.  People often turn to trusted family and friends to gather input on products and services they’re researching. So, you want to make sure you’re providing plenty of share-worthy content on social media to help loyal customers build brand awareness.


What results can you expect from an effective inbound marketing strategy?

Traffic, lots of it. Plus, fresh, useful web content will keep visitors on your website for longer periods of time, increasing the likelihood they’ll turn into leads…and eventually customers.
Overall, marketing professionals are finding that inbound marketing tactics generate 54 percent more leads than traditional marketing methods AND cost less—62 percent less than traditional media.

Know, however, if you’re in need of immediate sales, inbound marketing shouldn’t be your go-to strategy. Its tactics require patience. The main component of inbound marketing and SEO is “content development,” and it takes time to generate the amount of content needed to produce results. An effective strategy demands consistency and commitment.


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