Using Social Media to Portray Company Culture

Blog post by: Kevin Davis, Baer Performance Marketing Intern


A customer walks into a store and is greeted by employees with great big smiles and welcoming voices telling him or her, “Good morning!” and asking, “Can I help you find anything?”

Once the customer finds the item he or she stopped in for, an employee asks if they were pleased with the in-store experience, wraps the product up with care and thanks the customer, reassuring them they made the right decision in buying from this store.

Through a knowledgeable staff, friendly atmosphere or just quick and easy service, a company culture is created. And this same company culture should be made clear throughout a company’s marketing tactics–especially through social media. Here are a few tips to achieve this:


#1: Highlight Employees

Post pictures of employees, and share fun facts about them or recent company achievements.  For example, a company could share photos from a potluck celebrating an employee’s 20 years of service. The photos would showcase a culture of commitment and employees loving what they do. Also, sharing fun facts about employees presents the human side of a brand and helps create meaningful conversations and connections with Fans.


#2: Engage with and Respond to Customers

Responding to posts or tweeting responses back to followers shows your willingness to listen to customers and that feedback is always considered. This portrays a culture of timeliness and care. Plus, the faster your response time, the greater the potential for converting the inquiry.


#3: Celebrate with Your Community

Whether it’s a national holiday or a small local event, a company can use social media to celebrate with their online community.  A great way to connect with customers is to show your company shares the same enthusiasm for an event or subject that they have.  For example, on Halloween, a company could post pictures of the office decorations or costumes worn by the employees.  This shows a fun and laid-back culture many customers can relate to.


In Conclusion

Companies that effectively portray a positive company culture on social media generate more clicks, likes, and shares.  And the ideas listed above are just some of the many social media tactics a company can use to showcase their culture online.

If you need help constructing a company culture or developing one further through social media, Contact Baer Performance Marketing today.