Why Companies Should Hire Interns

Blog post by: Kevin Davis, Baer Performance Marketing Intern   

An internship can help a student establish a link between the classroom and the workplace, build priceless connections with industry leaders, and jump start a career in a competitive market. Internship programs are also just as valuable to a business as they are to an intern. The opportunity is a two-way street.

An intern can add energy to company culture.  For an intern, it’s not a full-time job. They arrive at the office refreshed, ready to go and are always motivated to prove themselves.  This is an intern’s first opportunity to show off the skills they possess. Every task is a learning experience, and they are eager to grow and change to meet a company’s standards.

Interns can also bring creative, new ideas to a company. Much can be learned from someone of a different generation. Interns often provide organizations with a new perspective on a workplace challenge or project strategy.  Students are also likely to be digitally savvy and “in tune” with the latest technology and social media trends.

Baer Performance Marketing frequently hires interns to build the company and help students build their own experiences. As an intern myself, I am very thankful for the time and effort Aaron and the team put into further developing my knowledge. BPM creates an atmosphere that makes everyone feel a part of the team.