A Guide to Better Blogging

Blog Post By: Kallista Baebler, Baer Performance Marketing Intern


A common misconception is that blogging is only for people looking to keep an online journal. In reality, blogging can also be used as a helpful marketing tool for businesses. Since blogging is oftentimes a new concept, many businesses don’t understand how to effectively use their blog.

Benefits to Blogging

One way for a business to become more visible amongst competitors is through active blogging. When used effectively, blogs will lead to meaningful relationships with the target market, boosted Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and increased website traffic. More information on the benefits is available through our previous post.

Tips to Creating an Effective Blog

Blogs come with benefits, but only if the right steps are taken to ensure it is meaningful and stands out. By following the tips below, a blog can provide significant value to a business. Writing posts will also become easier when these tips are used regularly.

  • Establish an audience and voice

One of the first things that should be determined is who the blog is intended for. This audience, your target market, is most likely searching for your business and is interested in learning more. It is important to know who the audience is because the blogs should be geared towards their interests and the questions they may ask. The process of planning blog topics will also become easier when these interests are kept in mind.

A voice should also be determined for the business so there can be some consistency within the posts. Generally, blogs are written in a less formal voice. This helps a business remain personable to the viewers, often creating a relationship.

  • Create an internal structure

Blogs typically are not an intense read. A good target length can be anywhere from 250-500 words. However, this can change depending on the purpose and audience of the blog post. When considering your length, think about how much time you would be willing to give up to read a post if you were in the role of the reader. Blogs tend to be structured with subheaders to maintain a relaxed, less intimidating feel for the readers.

  • Make a posting schedule

Regular posting is suggested in order for a business to get the most out of their blog. SEO can be boosted when there is new content. Although most of a business’s webpage can remain the same over larger periods of time, frequent blog posts will help create new content. One way to stay committed to creating this content is by developing a posting schedule. Topics can be created ahead of time, and deadlines will help you push the content out on time.

Don’t Have Time to Maintain a Blog?

For many businesses, blogging quickly becomes a bothersome, time-consuming task that finds its way to the bottom of a to-do list. And for blogging to produce results, it takes commitment. As a business owner, your time is valuable!  Delegate the tasks in which you are inexperienced. With BPM’s inbound marketing team at the helm, your blog will be consistently updated with unique, brand-focused content that will benefit your business’ bottom line! Contact us today!