The 5 Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make When Hiring a Marketing Agency

Businesses typically bring a marketing agency on board to boost brand awareness, lead generation, customer retention and sales. Having an expert in your corner dedicated to providing you with personalized services often proves to be the best route to increased revenue.

However, there are some easy mistakes businesses can make when choosing a marketing agency. Based on conversations we’ve had with our partners, these are the most common:


Buying Into a “Guarantee”

While a “guarantee” may make a partnership sound safe, it’s rare to find a reputable marketing agency branding themselves with any form of one. With countless variables affecting the performance of digital and traditional advertising (many of which are completely out of a marketing agency’s control), it’s impossible and unethical to guarantee results.

Marketing teams should always provide projections based on current trends and past campaign data. However, agencies promoting gimmicks similar to a “money back guarantee” will often just work to maintain a façade of success (massaging or inflating numbers) instead of working to produce tangible results.


Overlooking a Lack of Experience

Partnering with a recently-launched marketing agency comes with serious risk. The agency may deliver initial results but will likely lack the industry experience to produce sustainable, long-term gains. Similar to how you wouldn’t trust a doctor lacking residency experience, you probably shouldn’t trust your brand’s reputation to an agency lacking a track record of success.


Withholding Expectations

All marketing goals should be outlined in the first meeting with a marketing agency. Being upfront with expectations will help both parties evaluate whether the potential partnership is a good fit.


Dismissing Ambiguity or Dishonesty

An agency that’s unwilling or unable to answer your questions should send up a red flag. Transparency is the keystone of a successful partnership. Saying “We can’t give away our secrets” is a blatant display of dishonesty.

Choose a marketing partner with a staff that’s eager to share their expertise, operates as an extension of your business, and provides detailed reports to keep you informed and demonstrate their value.


Failing to Check References

Conversations with references can often reveal an agency’s strengths (and sometimes a skeleton or two in the closet). When connecting with a reference, be sure to ask about how they are using the agency, why they chose the agency, their level of satisfaction, as well as the results delivered.

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