The Importance of Copywriting and Content Marketing for Small Businesses

From social media to brochures to website content, businesses are able to reach their audiences, spread their message and grow their brand through the combined efforts of copywriting and content marketing. In fact, along with other efforts, copywriting is the best way to ‘glue together’ a business’ content marketing. This is incredibly important for how small businesses can drive sales as they grow and establish themselves in their community and industry.


How a Small Business Can Use Copywriting

Copywriting can cover a number of areas, such as adverts, web pages and other promotional materials for a business. Overall, it is when a business crafts text to raise brand awareness and drive consumers into taking action. Effective copywriting draws a customer’s interest to a business’ product or service, which many copywriters do by telling a story.

The best way for a small business to dive in and start driving sales is by taking advantage of quality copywriting. Tied together with the rest of the marketing tactics, persuasive and engaging copywriting will act as the call-to-action that’s needed to convert customers and help establish the growing business as an industry leader. However, if the copywriting is too blasé and unoriginal, consumers won’t take notice or identify with it, which won’t help with growth.

Tips for Beginning Copywriters:

  • Research thoroughly
  • Use strong headlines
  • Inject your business’ personality
  • Keep the content simple
  • Tell a story
  • Give the customer what they want


How a Small Business Can Use Content Marketing

There has been an increase in excellent and recognizable content marketing strategies in recent years. For instance, everyone has seen Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign, and it has increased their sales exponentially. This is why many marketers follow the “content is king” golden rule when creating strategies.

In the past, businesses focused marketing efforts on developing ads for TV, magazines and physical mail pieces. However, this is no longer the case; with the popularity and necessity of being online, marketers have included websites, blogs and other digital media in their focus. The continued rise of online content marketing is also why businesses of all sizes have taken to social media, which is especially useful in creating a direct connection between business and consumer.

Small businesses, in particular, should target their audiences online because this is where audiences are now congregating. Plus, whether it’s a comment on a Facebook post or a Google review, consumers trust and tend to like businesses more when they can see how the business reacts and responds.

Tips for an Effective Content Marketing Strategy:

  • Keep content personal, relatable and entertaining
  • Don’t underestimate social media’s influence
  • Go where your audience is
  • Promote your content with SEO and other strategies
  • Use quality copywriting
  • Stay consistent


Overall, a small business can really benefit with copywriting and content marketing, especially when creating a relationship with customers, driving engagement and increasing sales. However, it can be a challenge for smaller businesses to divest time into creating effective content. Contact BPM today if your business is looking for help with copywriting or developing a quality content marketing strategy.

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