How Community Involvement Can Help Your Business Grow

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” – Coretta Scott King 

Being involved and engaged in the community can be beneficial for both a business and their surrounding communitiesNot only does it create a positive outlook for your company in the community, but your employees will also enjoy their time with the company and be more loyal. 


Why Your Company Should Get Involved   

In a recent poll conducted by Fortune magazine, it was found that millennials prefer and recommend companies that give back and are active in their community. For instance, if a consumer is in-between two businesses that offer the same or similar productsthey are more likely to choose the company that has supported their local community. Consumers like to see that businesses care about their customers and are willing to give back to the community in which they are located.

Besides improving your reputation and increasing awareness for your business, being involved provides great benefits to the community as well. From more funding for community organizations to literally cleaning up parts of town, the community as a whole can benefit from a company’s interest. This can also cause the community to support your company and spread the word of how you care. 


Transform Your Company Culture

Studies show that employees are happiest when they feel they are contributing to more than just a company’s bottom line (SHRM). So, in other words, being involved in your community can help retain employees. Current employees and any incoming employees like to see how a company gives back and takes an interest in the community just like consumers. In fact, community engagement can affect employee morale and commitment to a business. And according to a PwC study, employees who are committed to companies they work for put in 57% more effort and are 87% less likely to resign.  

Also, the Deloitte IMPACT Survey indicates that employees who participate in company volunteer programs are more likely to rate their company culture more positively, be proud of their work, and be more loyal to the companyPlus, when employees volunteer in the community, the relationship between coworkers becomes stronger and builds trust throughout the business. 


Ways Your Business Can Get Involved 

  • Sponsor a local Little League team. (Or any sport!) 
  • Support a local non-profit by joining its board. 
  • Donate and participate in charity activities for the local branch. 
  • Sponsor and/or volunteer at community events. 
  • Use local resources when you can, like catering a lunch from a local restaurant. 
  • Host company events that help fundraise or donate to local non-profits. 

Being engaged with the community can not only spread the word about your business, but also improve the internal dynamic among employees. Community engagement can come in many forms—such as sponsorships, donations, volunteer work and more—and it can mean a lot to the residents and members of the community, making it a win for both your business and the community as a whole. 

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