Should Your Business Be on TikTok?

More than just a hit song by music sensation Ke$ha, TikTok is now one of the biggest growing social media platforms on the market, especially with today’s youth. But, does that mean your business should be on TikTok as well?


What is TikTok?

The international version of a popular Chinese-made app, TikTok has taken the world by storm since 2017 and has since merged with similar product However, this is far from the first social media app that relies on short video clips. Although it no longer exists, Twitter had their own version called Vine a few years ago; SnapChat is also known for sending video clips between users but doesn’t have the easy public exposure.

TikTok, on the other hand, has reached levels of popularity above its predecessors with its 15-second videos. In fact, to date, there are over 500 million active users worldwide, and it was the third most downloaded app in 2019 Q1. Large creators on the platform regularly comment on the incredible engagement rates and profit increases with in-app purchases. Its popularity has also allowed regular users to start movements that have caught attention nationwide, such as a recent attempted school walk-out in defense of raising wages for teachers.


Building Your Business on TikTok

The primary audience on TikTok is made up of 16- to 24-year-olds, with users needing to be at least 13-years old to create an account. This is why the app is referenced as the most popular one among Generation Z. However, this can be problematic for many brands as the consumer base is so young and doesn’t necessarily have a steady form of income during these ages.

The type of businesses that are able to thrive and grow on the platform are ones that target younger demographics and have a company culture that is easily portrayed in quick, light-hearted videos that inspire engagement. This can be really difficult with many companies, which is why, unless you fall into that category, it’s not really worth it to create an account on TikTok.

Which social media channels does your brand use? If you’re having trouble or need help planning out a detailed and creative social media strategy for your business, just reach out to our team at BPM for an in-depth consultation!

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