Should Manufacturers Be on Social Media?

Social media has come a long way since it first started, turning into an online community for friends, marketers and businesses alike. But, does that mean that those in the manufacturing industry should be on social media?

Deciding on a platform is the real challenge. Each social media channel has a different perspective and audience base, changing how a company will perform and be received by users. Here’s a look at the most popular channels:


Probably the most versatile social media platform, Facebook is a great way for many types of businesses to build and interact with their target audience and community. There are a variety of posts and ads that can help businesses spread their message. Manufacturers are able to share content on their company’s culture, answer questions about their product or industry, highlight success stories and share their news and whitepapers. Not to mention, Facebook Jobs allows for easier recruiting when there are open positions.


Much like Facebook with its versatility, LinkedIn is the place for following companies, sharing industry news and recruitment. In fact, LinkedIn is a paradise for sharing whitepapers, case histories and other technical documents. Industry leaders and professionals are able to share ideas and engage with each other, possibly gaining new and unique leads. The overall professionalism of LinkedIn makes it perfect for manufacturers to share their content with a relevant audience.


One of the oldest social media platforms on the market, Twitter has remained popular for both individuals and businesses. However, the character limit and the typical Twitter user make it difficult for industries like manufacturing to thrive on it. The best type of content a manufacturer can post would be pictures with short captions. The content could showcase success stories and employee highlights while using easy-to-remember hashtags.


This is another difficult platform for manufacturers. Instagram’s biggest users are Millennials and Generation Z-ers, posting short videos and pictures. Instagram is a great channel for more artistic users. Though, for manufacturers, it can be a challenge to develop engaging content about everyday work, especially if it goes against any compliance that your workplace may have.


Social media is a difficult tool for manufacturing companies to navigate, and with many of the platforms, it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of time and effort on building a profile. However, there are still benefits of being on a platform that promotes sharing professional and technical materials and discussions about specific industries, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. If your company needs help getting started on social media and/or creating relevant content, contact us for a personalized strategy addressing your business’ unique needs.