Things to Avoid with Medical and Dental Marketing

Marketing for medical or dental practices can be tricky. There are certain rules to follow, and it can be a touchy subject to some audiences. In this sense, there are things that you should avoid when creating a marketing strategy or content for medical and dental organizations.


  • Don’t overuse or over-complicate text. This can be overusing a specific phrase or using too much technical jargon in a social media post.


  • Don’t brag. It’s okay to be proud of an accreditation, but bragging about accomplishments is not the purpose of a medical or dental facility, and it looks bad to your audience.


  • Don’t offer discounts on services. This is illegal, and your organization can be penalized for doing this.


  • Don’t violate HIPPA rules and guidelines. Again, this is illegal and will only come back to bite you in the butt.


  • Don’t mention patients’ names or information unless given specific permission. As a part of HIPPA, you must always keep your patients’ information and details confidential. A patient can give permission for specific information to be used, but you are only able to use it with strict permission.


  • Don’t provide medical diagnoses online. Unless you are a specific doctor who handles requests online, don’t diagnose individuals when online. This can potentially cause problems, and it’s to a person’s benefit to go in and see a professional in person.


  • Don’t spam patients with messages or campaigns. Not only is this a bad marketing tactic, it can really frustrate your patients and possibly cause them to look elsewhere.


  • Don’t ignore your online reputation. This is big for any type of business. People, especially those looking for care, look to reviews for the business, services, treatment of customers, etc., when looking for a place to go.


  • Don’t do it all yourself. This is an easy way to burn yourself out and end up making mistakes. It’s easier, more efficient and cost effective to seek out an agency to create your materials and content to ensure quality work while you can focus on patients.


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