Why Your Company Should Be Blogging

Blog post by: Evan Mathu, Baer Performance Marketing Intern

As technological progress becomes less and less optional for businesses, many business owners and operators are left wondering what steps they should take to improve their digital presence. Though there are countless ways for companies to start expanding their online footprint, one of the best options continues to be the use of blog posts — like this one!

Blogs aren’t anything new: short for “weblogs,” blogs have been around since the mid ‘90s and have been consistently used since. The fact they’ve been used for nearly 25 years now doesn’t mean they aren’t on the cutting edge of technology — nearly 77 percent of people who use the internet also frequent blogs. Companies that blog pull over 55 percent more website traffic. For these reasons, among others, blogs provide companies an invaluable resource to draw people to their website and provide quality leads that otherwise might have gone untapped.

Blogs don’t just represent words on paper; (though they are a great way to keep people up to date on your business) the inclusion of a blog on a website opens doors to SEO and to internal linking on your website. In short, blogs can help your company show up higher on the list of search engine results, which is an easy way to place yourself over your competition. Additionally, a good blog that uses links is a simple way to keep people on your website and nudge them in the direction of products or services you’d like to show off. Companies can also share their blog via social media, creating engaging, personalized content.

This unique content, created specifically for your company’s website, can be about whatever you want it to be. The most useful and effective content is almost always the most engaging and informative content, so make sure to focus on aspects of your company that your clients will likely find exciting! Use seasonal and holiday posts to take advantage of certain times of year, or post lists of your business’ important offerings or key benefits. Share testimonials or recent projects on which your business has been working. Excited and informed customers are better customers, and statistics prove it! Small businesses that blog, on average, see their leads increase by 126 percent, and nearly 80 percent of those who read a company’s blog say they trust a company more if they have a blog. Blogging on your website has definite positives and is highly recommended, if not necessitated.

For those about to blog — we salute you! We know it might be intimidating and a lot is riding on updating your website with a blog. Here at Baer Performance Marketing, we want to help you maximize your marketing efforts…blogging included! If you think you need help setting up your business’ blog, or just making sure your current blog has quality content, find us @baerpm on social media, or on our website!